The Rainbow Swastika Conspiracy


The Rainbow Swastika Conspiracy

a carefully researched thriller.

The 1930's Depression was fertile ground for Hitler's rise to power and now a 21st century world leader is arising against a background of dwindling energy resources, global warming, religious extremism, financial meltdown and the growing economic power of China, India and Saudi Arabia. David Wolfe, a Jewish sculptor, is caught up in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist prophecies, about Messiahs and the end of the world. He embarks on a global journey around art galleries, archaeological digs, business headquarters and religious sites.

Based on a true story, this novel exposes the battle between East and West, to uncover the Rainbow Swastika Conspiracy. The book is based on Padgett's work for the Palestinian Department of Antiquities, his award winning sculpture "Zoroastrian Icarus", his lectures in New York and at Tate Modern, his 2 year Tribunal case against Mr Tony Blair and the Tate Galleries, and on his prophecies made on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year 2007. 7.7.7.

241 pages, U.S. Trade, Perfect Bound.

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