GROW-FLOW COACHING - A Mindful Approach
ISBN: 978-0957291928


GROW-FLOW COACHING - A Mindful Approach

This book contains all you need to use the GROWFLOW innovative and mindful approach to coaching.

It's essence is flexibility in being able to coach a diversity of coachees by combining a number of the main approaches.

90 pages + 20 tables / diagrams. Definitions of Coaching, metaphors of Driving and Gardening. Pinnacle & Balance Goal Setting. Mindfulness, the Inner Game. Will, Skill & Resistance To Coaching. Model T + Interference. Directive vs Non - Directive Principles. Skills To Create Rapport. Skills To Listen Mindfully. Use of Meditation. Mindful Visualisation in Feedback. Skills Used In Giving Feedback. Frameworks For Coaching: GROW, SMART. Solution Focus Principles, Tools & Frameworks; SIMPLE & OSKAR. GROWFLOW Framework for Coaching. GROWFLOW In Problem Focussed Dialogue. GROWFLOW In Solution Focussed Dialogue. GROWFLOW Mapped Onto OSKAR. Your General Approach In Coaching With Grow Flow. Authentic Coaching Culture, Cultural Diversity and Leaders' use Of Inspirational Coaching.
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