Sculptures are available for the following prices (incl. VAT & Postage).

When the order is sent the copy can begin to be made. Cheques can be sent to the address at the bottom of page. Sales will help fund bronze casting the 2 metre sculpture.

Limited Edition Sculptures:

Sculptures come with a certificate and edition number. Bronzes are available in a variety of coloured patinations and finishes.

Cold cast Bronze Bronze (marble base).
(35cm x 35cm x 25cm)
(series of 10) 2000/$3300

Cold cast Bronze
(35cm x 35cm x 25cm)
(series of 100) 300/$495

Cold cast Bronze
(10cm x 10cm x 7cm)
from original rapid prototype
(series of 100) 50/$75

Website of award winning artist Anthony Padgett


Stereolithography head winning first prize out of 900 entries in the About Vision Art competition.

Order your Limited Edition and send comments to:


The sculpture can begin to be made.