by A.D.Padgett


Praying Shell Sculpture is a stunning new public sculpture overlooking Morecambe Bay, at Red Bank Farm, Bolton-le-Sands, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 8JR
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Set in a breathtaking headland location the "Praying Shell" by artist Anthony Padgett combines themes from nature with the spiritual heritage of Morecambe Bay to create a potent symbol of reflection, renewal and environmental integration. The work is intended to provide a point of interest and inspiration for walkers along the coastal path. It's symbolism is intended to parallel humanity's openness to a larger dimension and the way cockle shells open as the tide comes in.

And whilst links might be made to the Morecambe Bay Chinese Cockle Picker tragedy, nearly 10 years ago, a smaller version of the sculpture was already created in 1994.

The 1 metre high limestone sculpture was unveiled by Councillor Ron Sands who has known Anthony for many years and is Cabinet Member responsible for Leisure, Culture and Tourism and is the former Head of Tourism for Lancaster City Council.

The artist led commission received planning permission to be sited at Red Bank Farm in spring 2013 and was then carved from limestone over the summer. Anthony's other works include the award winning Millennium Angel at Leighton Hall.
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The sculpture was unveiled at a Sunset Soiree at 3pm on Saturday 30th November 2013.

Special thanks to all at Red Bank Farm and Morecambe Lodge Farm.

Anthony Padgett 0790 2342448

Enquiries for the purchase of limited edition resin copies of the figure 20x20x16cm on 20x20cm base should be sent to:
anthonydpadgett "at"